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Various industry experts and carrier surveys indicate that telecommunication operators may be losing from 1% to 30% of their revenue. A PWC analysis of 240 telecommunication operators found that approximately 16% of the loss was attributable to fraud.

Telecommunications is an extremely technically advanced industry and thus fraud ranges from basic cases to highly evolved technical fraud and fraud systems need to be able to cover these diverse cases.


iServ FM is a powerful, flexible Fraud Management application that automates the fraud management process and quickly and easily traces and handles fraud and other security threats. iServ FM handles fraud across all areas of a telecom operator's business. iServ FM also identifies risks that lie outside the traditional Fraud Management sphere

The entire Fraud Management chain, from reading of traffic data to administrative handling of fraud cases is covered. iServ FM also includes special nodes tailored specifically for the Fraud Management process. These include Fraud Case manager, Fraud Alarm manager, Fraud Alarm scoring console, and Fraud Real-time tracking console.

Investigations form the backbone to any great fraud system. iServ Fraud Management allows fraud specialists, with limited or no special IT skills to perform comprehensive in-depth investigations on any area of the business. These fraud specialists are not restricted to aggregated / summarized data and thus can continue their investigation right down to the individual record level.

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